Crude deodorized oil is widely used in food industry, including: oil and fat industry, bakery, candy manufacturing, cannery and meat processing. Soy oil is also used in the combined feed, paint and varnish and other industries.



FFA (As oleic with a molecular weight of 282): Basis: 1.00%, Maximum: 1.25%
1.06% to 1.15% – discount to be 0.9% of contract price
1.16% to 1.25% – discount to be 1.2% of contract price
Up to 0.021% – discount to be 0.2% of contract price Lecithin (expressed as Phosphorous): Basis: 0.020%, Maximum: 0.025%
Sediment (Gardner Break test): Maximum: 0.10% Impurities (insoluble in petrol ether): Maximum: 0.10%
Moisture and Volatile Matter: Maximum: 0.20% Unsaponifiable Matter (test as per N.S.P.A.): Maximum: 1.50%
Colour (Lovibond cell 1 inch): Basis: not darker than 50 yellow plus 5 red

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